Design Services


How Do We Begin?

Our design services are customized to those clients who want to redesign their living spaces.  We begin by meeting you in your home for a complimentary consultation. We do not offer design advice during this consultation.  The goal of a consultation is to have an opportunity to meet the client and understand the scope of the project. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Every project is different, depending on the client's needs.  We tailor design projects to meet your budget.  Before the design project begins, we will send you an estimate that lists all of the costs associated with hiring an interior designer.  

What Can I Expect?

After a signed contract has been submitted, we will source furniture, accessories and provide a layout and 3-D rendering of the space.  We will present all of these items and can assist you throughout the project. 


Color Consultation Services

We also help clients choose the right paint color for their space.  We will conduct and in-home, 2-hour consultation and bring larger color samples.  We also offer discounts on paint, along with recommendations for qualified professional painters who can help you complete your project.